Power: Getting the results you want

Every day, a thousand different things happen to you—

Your boss asks you to do something different today than she wanted you to do yesterday, you feel jerked around and mutter something peevish—it ends up in your review. Your spouse doesn’t like the gift you gave him, you feel rejected and sulk—ruining the evening.  Your employee questioned your approach, you felt disrespected and chewed him out—the quality of his work drops from excellent to barely acceptable.

Did you get the results you wanted in each of these situations? Did the results you got add to or diminish your day?

It is easy to blithely go about your life innocently sabotaging yourself at every turn.

Change that. Develop your personal power to produce the results you want in your life. Download my “First Step to Power,” make it part of your day to day life, and let me know what’s changed.

Download the “First Step to Power” (it’s free)

Make big things happen in your life.

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