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How To Level Up Your Life And Stop Playing Small

How To Level Up Your Life And Stop Playing Small

To level up your life means to quit playing small and to start playing big. What is playing small? It’s not asking for a raise; it’s putting up with a job you don’t like, it’s suffering a dead relationship, it’s not being excited every day, it’s letting your fears...

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What Is Personal Leadership To You?

What Is Personal Leadership To You?

I coach for personal leadership. I work with people who want to be leaders in their own lives. Leaders are those who know where they are going and are on a path that will take them there. Where they are going inspires them, it gets them out of bed in the morning, it...

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"Russell is a gentle force that keeps the conversation headed in the direction you want it to go. Think of him like a magnet that pulls the treasure out of the sand."
Hillary R., Producer, Los Angeles, CA



In a strategy session, you tell me what you want to make happen—write a novel, move into the corner office, build a homeless shelter—and then we scope out how to accomplish it. Stepping up your game, doing something you don’t think possible almost always requires a personal transformation, a breakthrough in how you engage the world. Change is running a marathon a couple of minutes faster; transformation is growing wings and smoking it. A good coach shows you how to grow wings.

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"Russell has an extraordinary ability to listen and get deeply to the root of the matter for his clients—where real, lasting changes can occur."
Kristen Mangione, ZenMoves Founder, Hackensack, NJ

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