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…you’re moving up, you’re on a trajectory to the corner office, but life is starting to feel routine and too damn ordinary.

You’ve got it all, but it’s too easy—there’s no edge, nothing at stake, nothing to charge you with fire and romance. Your paycheck is fat, life is cush, but you want to be lifted, struck, and rung like a bell. Here’s the deal: life is short and if you’re not reveling in it, you’re pissing it away. Here’s the truth: It’s totally your choice whether your life is a drag or lights you up.

"Russell is a gentle force that keeps the conversation headed in the direction you want it to go. Think of him like a magnet that pulls the treasure out of the sand."
Hillary R., Producer, Los Angeles, CA



In a strategy session, you tell me what you want to make happen—write a novel, move into the corner office, build a homeless shelter—and then we scope out how to accomplish it. Stepping up your game, doing something you don’t think possible almost always requires a personal transformation, a breakthrough in how you engage the world. Change is running a marathon a couple of minutes faster; transformation is growing wings and smoking it. A good coach shows you how to grow wings.

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"Russell has an extraordinary ability to listen and get deeply to the root of the matter for his clients—where real, lasting changes can occur."
Kristen Mangione, ZenMoves Founder, Hackensack, NJ


A good coach will expand your range.

By range, I mean the number and variety of behaviors you can engage the world with. If all you have is a hammer, then all you can do is pound. If you need to cut a 2x4, a hammer is only going to make a mess of things. After lots of fruitless whacking, you’re likely to get frustrated, angry, accusatory  

(you blame mom, dad, your boss, God) because life isn’t working out for you. A coach will introduce you to a saw, show how to use it, and suddenly, with a little practice, you can cut 2x4s. You’ve expanded your range. Life is more doable, more fun, more meaningful. You are on your way to becoming a master in the craft of living.

Life Unleashed

Make Big Things Happen

"When we came out on the other side, I created a new direction of where I want to go. With love, gratitude, and appreciation."
Anna M. Taglieri, Educator, New York, NY


I was stumbling around Tel Aviv, my gut host to a writhing community of bugs, worms and Dysentarymicrobes picked up from a half year in Africa.


The ridge was high, snow covered and buried in cloud. Below us, below the cloud, was Juneau, home.


One of the innovations that the Alaska Pipeline brought to the state were warm toilet seats.


I’m a radical secular materialist, I don’t believe there is any higher power meddling, for good or ill, in my life.

Free Guide: Power - Getting the Results You Want

Request my guide below and make big things happen in your life.

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