Personal Mastery…

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You know them.

The people who radiate calm, compassion, and power. Those who say what needs to be said, who lift others up, who stay centered regardless of the chaos raging around them. They are unstoppable, their lives work, and they reach high and grab the brass ring. They are the ones that others follow, who have deep and loving relationships, and who seem as if they could reach beyond the sky and touch the stars.
They are the ones who have achieved personal mastery.
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Leaders point the way, inspire us with their vision, and get us into action. Leadership is often mistaken for set of skills. It is, in part. Far more important, however, is who you are and how you show up.  Developing your character is your path to leadership.


Power is the capability to make things happen. It is generated, not given. If you are not getting the results you want professionally, if your voice is not heard;  if you have trouble living your values; if you are not advancing on your terms, then you are not generating power.


The insides of our heads can be noisy, stress-filled, and anxiety-ridden places. It is not the outside world that causes the turmoil in our heads—it’s our responses to it that disturb the peace. Constructing new responses to our circumstances is the path to presence.

Russell is a gentle force that keeps the conversation headed in the direction you want it to go.  Think of him like a magnet that pulls the treasure out of the sand.

Hillary R., Producer

I worked with Russell twice and wholeheartedly recommend him as a coach. Even though on paper I “had it all,” my pre-existing beliefs and perspectives prevented me from the way I wanted to experience my life. Working was Russell was impactful, rewarding and life-affirming. He asked the right questions, gave eye-opening examples and taught useful practices that I continue to use as resources today. If you seek a highly intelligent, practical coach who is capable of telling it to you straight with incredible emotional intelligence, I offer you my congratulations. You just found him.

Liz, Business Owner, New York

Working with Russell was walking hand in hand into the storm of my being, seeing what is there, acknowledging my role in the context of my fears and aspirations, and emerging, face to the sun, with a toolkit at the ready.

Laurisa Schutt, Executive Director of First State Educate

“In one coaching session, Russell dug into the core of what was holding me back and led me through some painful beliefs I had about myself. He’s tenacious; he was there for the result I said I wanted even though I wasn’t being completely cooperative. He didn’t give up on me. He’s tough with a toughness based in compassion. When we came out on the other side, I created a new direction of where I want to go. With love, gratitude, and appreciation.”

Anna M. Taglieri, Educator, New York, NY

Russell’s strong coaching and authentic communication has changed my life and the life of my family. I am so grateful and excited for this expansive gift.

 Matt Smith, Educator, Sebastopol, CA

Russell has used his great talent for getting at what stopped me or limited my performance in my career. He was indispensable in a time of heavy stress and uncertainty and coached me through it when I had no one else to turn to.  I highly recommend him.

John Messerschmidt, Entrepreneur, New York, NY

My Approach

Russell Heath Coaching

I partner with a client to distinguish ways of thinking or of perceiving the world that may be misguiding or stopping them. I support the client in finding new ways of thinking that speed them on their way. My fundamental assumption is that a person is capable of and responsible for their own growth.

My approach is transformational—not transactional. Transactional coaching attempts to fix problems without changing a person’s underlying behavior. Transformational coaching shifts a person’s way of being resulting in substantial and lasting behavioral change.

For example, if you wanted to be a better speaker, a transactional coach would improve your rhetoric or facility with PowerPoint; a transformational coach would work to transform you from being nervous on the stage to commanding it.