Life Unleashed

Life Unleashed

You’re successful, you’re moving up, you’re on a trajectory to the corner office, but life is starting to feel routine and too damn ordinary.

 You’ve got it all, but it’s too easy—there’s no edge, nothing at stake, nothing to charge your system with fire and romance.

 Your paycheck is fat, life is cush, but you want to be lifted, struck, and rung like a bell.


Here’s the deal: life is short and if you’re not reveling in it, you’re pissing it away.

Here’s the other part of the deal: It’s your choice whether your life is a drag or lights you up.

If you live in grayness; if tomorrow is looking pretty much like yesterday—stop it. Plant your flag and declare to the world that from this day forward, your life is going to be lived—not survived.

Your options are unlimited: There are mountains to climb, seas to cross, kids to comfort, elders to tuck in, stories to tell, books to write, businesses to start, statues to sculpt, great thoughts to think, trees to hug, flowers to bloom, hearts to touch.

What stops you? You know this answer intimately: Fear, resignation, petulance, wanting someone to do it for you, your golden handcuffs. Whatever your reasons, they serve one purpose—to keep you where you are, on the sidelines out of the action.

If that’s where you want to be, on the sidelines out of life’s big game, there’s plenty of room for you. It’s where most people are. My guess, however, is that you want to be part of the action, or better yet, driving the action.

I work with high-powered people who want rich, hand-crafted, well-lived lives. Who want to burn brightly in the brief gift of time we’ve been given.

Work with me to find your purpose, your passion, and your path. We will break up that part of you that keeps you safe, comfortable, and secure—and on the sidelines, living small and bored silly.

Live life unleashed.