Master Coach Training Program


The Master Coach Training Program is an intensive, individualized training program designed to produce coaches that perform at an extraordinarily high level in a short amount of time.

The program has three modules: Coaching theory and practice, coaching methodology, and content.

Coaching Theory and Practice

The MCPT immerses participants in the study and practice of the International Coaching Federation’s coaching model. They study it, they practice it, and they coach real clients. A Master Certified Coach (MCC) provides extensive individual evaluations of their coaching twice a month.

True coach mastery requires that a coach do their own inner work so that they can be fully present with their clients. To develop a powerful coach “being”, each participant is coached weekly by an MCC coach.

The Coaching Theory module typically lasts five months. The bi-weekly evaluation of participant coaching sessions and the weekly coaching continue throughout all modules.

Coaching Method

The ontological coaching methodology is one of the most theoretically robust and effective ways of creating meaningful long-term behavioral change. The MCTP develops a theoretical foundation of the ontological approach that is fully incorporated into participant coaching.

This module typically lasts four months.


The International Coaching Federation (ICF) coaching method does not allow a coach to teach or consult. However, at times it is in the best interests of the client for a coach to do both. Coaches committed to providing the best value to their clients should have a working knowledge of several content areas. Key areas include communication skills, emotional regulation, and the development of new habits.

This module lasts three months and examines two to three content areas. The communication content area is required; the participants may select the other areas.

Scheduling and Pricing

The Program is limited to four participants. It can begin at any time convenient to the instructor and the participants. The three-hour Zoom classes occur weekly; the coaching review and coaching sessions are scheduled individually with each participant.

Tuition: $24,000

Tuition includes

  • 144 hours of class instruction
  • 24 hours of participant coaching evaluation
  • 48 hours of participant coaching with an MCC coach

ICF Accreditation

The MCTP is not accredited by the ICF, however, it meets the requisite requirements for participants to qualify for all three ICF credentials (ACC, PCC & MCC) following ICF’s portfolio path.

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