Personal Mastery

Personal Mastery. Image of a Crafts person

You know them.

The people who radiate calm, compassion, and power. Those who can say what needs to be said, who lift others up, who stay centered regardless of the chaos raging around them. They are unstoppable, their lives work, and they make their dreams come true. They are the ones that people follow, who have deep and loving relationships, and who seem as if they could reach beyond the sky and touch the stars.

These are the ones who have mastered themselves. Who have banished their negative thoughts, their judgments, and their endlessly looping resentments and petty upsets. Who no longer need to be right or to fight for status or to have their way. Who are not stopped by fears, the judgments of others, or by the thousand life-numbing concerns the rest of us allow to limit our lives.

I coach for Personal Mastery. To develop in you the six key characteristics that personal mastery requires: self-knowledge, for if you don’t know yourself, you can’t grow; courage, for without it, you won’t have the heart to move forward; responsibility, for if you blame others for the circumstances of your life, you give away your power; your relationship to reality, for if you mistake your thoughts and feelings for what is real you’ll be trapped by your own illusions; integrity, for if your life is not in balance, it will come apart; and, finally, heart-centered, for it is connection, service, and love that elevate our lives.

If you would like to blaze your own path, chase your dreams, and be your own person; if you would like to transform your family, community, or workplace; and if you would like to be content, with peace and joy lacing your days—let’s get to work. Call me today.