Tim Staton: Stating the Obvious

Tim Staton Podcast

Tim Staton invited me onto his Leadership podcast for a four-part series on the fundamentals–not of leadership–but of the foundational qualities a person must develop to be a leader.

In this first episode, we discuss the differences between leadership and management and the necessity for leaders to develop themselves. Leadership is only partly about skills–and far more about behaviors and ways of being. To become a powerful leader, a person must develop themselves. Learning leadership skills alone does not necessarily mean that you can use that skill effectively. You may, for example, know how to write good speeches, but if you are nervous and mousey on the stage–you won’t deliver even a well-written speech well. Learning how to command the stage requires personal development. 

The three behavioral characteristics of leadership that we discuss in the subsequent three episodes are:

  • How to develop the courage to push through your fear so that you can tackle big challenges
  • How to navigate your emotions so that you can produce the results you want
  • How to generate power—how to be effective regardless of circumstances

Listen to Episode 1.

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